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I called Panera in Chesterfield, MI and spoke to manager. I asked if they had cream of chicken & rice soup.

So I asked my husband to stop on his way home, because I was sick. He called me from the Panera in our neighborhood, where I spoke to the manager, and said they didn't have that soup today!When I hung up, I called the manager and asked her what was the problem! Well, it seems the soup they had was from the day before and they sold it out ! FROM THE DAY BEFORE!

#1 against health code #2 What happened to the mADE FRESH DAILY logo? #3 If I was sick before---I'm really sick now!

I'll never go to any Panera Bread again! If their using day old soup--what else is being recycled at Panera Bread!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Panera Bread Cons: Soup being used from day before.

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seriously haven't you ever eaten homemade leftover soup?? as long as it is refrigerated between it will be fine!


haha another customer who is convinced they know anything about health codes. Stop pretending you know anything about the restaurant industry.

I have never heard anything about "made fresh daily", but if that is a thing it's a complete lie. The bread is made daily but the soup comes frozen in a bad and is warmed up in hot water.


First of all, I work at Panera and let it be known we use day old soups because we quickly cool them before any thing happens to it. It's not like we just leave it in the soup well, we quickly cool it and put it in an ice bin and store it in a cooler over night.

I'm sure you yourself use left over food. Get over it.


It's NOT against any law to re-serve the soup. It must be cooled to under 41' within 2 hours.

Then it must be brought up to 170' before serving the day after. Are you telling me that you've NEVER served day old anything at your home??


#1 - health code, that's funny....each night whatever leftover soup there is, is placed in special bags and placed in an ice bin. The next day these soups are placed back into the thermalizer until back to temp to re-serve.

THIS is allowed as long as the proper temps are displayed.

#2 - the made fresh daily logo refers to the bread, which is made off-site and delivered fresh each day. The bakers come in from 9pm to 5am, of course depending on stores, to finish the product. Baguettes, cookies, rolls, and certain other items, managers are capable of making all day long as needed.

Panera has a soup schedule for each day.

NOT all soups are available. Some soups they can run out of, it does happen.

Get a grip, you cannot get sick from their soups.

If you already are sick, especially with a stomach bug, then it doesn't matter what the *** you eat, you will feel like ***. Anything with cream in it, uhm, hello, is going to make your stomach feel like it turned into a pretzel!!!!

BEST soup for being sick, Campbell's chicken noodle, everybody knows that!!!!


Day old soup? I worked at Panera for 4 years...try week old soup that they would serve to save food cost. And oh yeah pretty much everything there is delivered frozen anyway, soup included.