I dined in at Salsibury NC. the spoon was dirty. they took for ever to replace the spoon. soup got cold b that time. the woman who served me was so rude and threw the butter packets at me. when i asked to speak to the manager the manager did not show for the 1 hour i...
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Panera Bread - Half empty

Ordered bowl of cheddar broccoli soup and macaroni and cheese to go. Got home and both containers were only half full!! Freakin expensive food and still starving. Ridiculous.
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I am in the sales industry and provide snacks and lunches to offices on a daily basis. Every Tuesday I take lunch to the same customer and they have some minor dietary requests. 1) I have a vegetarian and 2) a tomato allergy. In 8 of the last 10 weeks, my order has...
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Panera Bread - Poor quality of food

Paid 6-7 dollars for sandwich portion of pick 2. Basically got bread with a slice of meat and some lettuce. Panera used to treAt the customer well but this was ridiculous.
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the store 4123 run out of bread by 6 pm, the service took way to long by time I ordered they told me that they were out of the bread bowls so they said they will give me 1 French baguette, and I said ok, then by the time my order was ready, I looked inside the bag and...
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I didn't like
  • Run out of bread
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Panera Bread - Poor quality

I used to love Panera’s Mac n cheese but the past 5 times I’ve gone, the Mac n cheese has been dry.. what’s the deal?
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Panera Bread - Your dowW

It’s Panera Bread, you run out of bread!
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Panera Bread - Manager

Your both field too short,
Allergens Information
Customer service
Delivery Service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Quality of Food
Value for money
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Panera Bread - Awful

I ordered multi grain bagel, cashier said “We’re out!” I asked, “Where are they”, there’s no bin?, They’re in the back, Mgr yelled “we’re out” Baker decides what we need the next day!
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I asked for no horseradish sauce on my panini. Simple. I also asked for no cheese, and for the sauce to be replaced by basil pesto. Now, it sounds a bit complicated apparently for the workers, who literally offered the option of basil pesto on it instead, because I...
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