Vacaville, California

I'm very pissed about how I was treated in Panera Bread (feeling not welcomed and rude service) because I ordered a salami sandwich with mustard pickles and pepperchinis with a baguette on the side. I didn't receive the baguette and all that was on my sandwich was lettuce and two slices of salami.

A HUGE RIP OFF. I payed $7.59 for this meal. I've also been here before to where I bought a mac and cheese bread bowl to go, so they came seperately. The mac and cheese was in a seperate container that was half way filled, so I asked politely "I payed $11.00 for this meal and you filled my bowl only half way." They replied "These are premade so we just heat them up." I'm disgusted.

I thought things were fresh her.

The 99 cent treats there are always stale as well. NEVER GOING AGAIN

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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ok i know this is an OLD post but i came across and had to reply.

firstly ANY place that makes food that you're getting to go OR eating there YOU should be checking and having them correct BEFORE going. don't care if it's walk in or drive thru take an extra minute or 2 to check it and have your problems corrected then and there instead of waiting to find out you got a mistake and then coming onto a public complains board to complain like a little child


The .99 "treats" are always stale???? All of the baked goods are made 7-364.

You can have anything in the pastry case for .99 providing you've purchased a drink with your meal.

You are the reason I left Panera. Whining, self righteous *** STAY HOME


Panera is a RIP OFF and always has been. They charge an arm and a leg for tiny sandwiches that are all bread.

Complete waste of money, go somewhere where they care about service and giving some VALUE to the customer over their precious food costs.

Deli meat is $8/pound for premium meat - you can make 7 or 8 of their $9.95 sandwiches from a pound, but they make 12. They suck.


Not everyone feels this way. Panera is one of my favorite places to go. I love the food, I've never had anything I didn't like and the service is fine.

They are usually crowded during lunch hours so I am certainly not the only one who feels this way.


Gee !! I was going to apply for a job there but now ...

no way ...I like t be around fine food but I see they don't have any and I also see ...THEY DONT CARE. Doesn't anyone care for quality anymore


Just saying (cause i work There) your gripe about the Breadbowl being seperate is actually for your convienience. if we put all of our soups INSIDE of bread bowls when people got them to go people would be flipping a ***.

so we're not going to make an exception for mac and cheese. and the employee who your disgusted with makes 8 *** dollars an hour they are not a professional chef or anything. and because a salami sandwhich is an off menu item that must have been customized chances are you asked or implied you wanted no onions or tomatoes.

and its still fast food so of course things are pre portioned. Get the *** OVER IT WHINER


The Panera Bread Company has the audacity to provide ranch and other salad dressings that do NOT taste like anything you would want to put on your salad! Disgusting!

They must believe their customers will eat this garbage, so they don't warn you it's going to taste that bad. Fatty, chewy chicken in their salad. Their Macaroni & cheese tasted worse than ANY we've had. Don't let the pictures or the ads fool you.

The cardboard box of the kind we used to feed the kids in the '80's tasted better. Do yourself a favor and find a restaurant that wants you serve you an enjoyable meal & a pleasant experience. Save your hard earned money, and find a restaurant that cares about you...not put you in a line like cattle, then serve this dreck. It's worse than an expensive McDonalds with non-existent service and bad management.

We tried it because we didn't know the area, but the restaurant in Bakersfield, CA.

was no better than the location in Camarillo, CA. Never again...


So I see that it doesn't matter where you are Panera (or St. Louis Bread Co here) is still a big rip off.

The food has never been great and any time you go in you walk out smelling like bad asaigo.