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We have ordered Panera delivery before, you could call our office frequent flyers.

There is one driver who is so incredibly rude. When he hands you the clipboard to sign, he reminds you to include a tip.

One day a co-worker did not have enough money to tip, she apoligized and he was so rude to her. She pointed out she already paid a $3.50 delivery charge.

I'm sorry but I don't tip rude behavior and each time he comes here, he's has an attitude. He doesn't respond to questions and just stands there glaring at you. I always include a tip but am thinking better of it.

We normally order lunch 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week but we have actually chosen somewhere else to order from this week.

We're done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Rude delivery driver.

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Uhm, don't get food delivered if you can't pay a tip. Do you go to restaurants without tipping too?

It's common sense to tip your driver. It's just common sense. Of course the worker would get a little annoyed. Not the end of the world, sure, but annoying nonetheless.

You can order Panera (someone already expensive) but can't afford a tip?

Seems like you shouldn't be ordering Panera at all. If rude of YOU to not tip.

to BlindEagle #1515082

I recently worked for Panera as a delivery driver, and I wholeheartedly agree with you, that if someone isn't willing to tip, they shouldn't be having food delivered. What some customers don't seem to realize is that a delivery driver is basically a waiter/waitress who comes all the way to their house or business to bring them food that they opted not to go out and get themselves, that they're electing to have someone else use their own car and gas to bring food.

And for customers who may mistake the delivery fee for being a tip, it's like, why would there be a separate tip line if the delivery fee WAS the tip, you know? While I never openly asked a customer for a tip and certainly don't condone doing so, if a Panera customer chooses not to tip, then the only compensation the driver gets for that order is mileage pay (34 cents/mile), which certainly doesn't make much of a dent in earnings for the delivery, especially a large one. What's really inconsiderate is when there are extreme weather conditions and the customer writes a nice big "0" on the tip line; I definitely had some of those, and boy, did it anger me! Anyway, thanks for your care and concern for delivery drivers.

It's customers like you who deserve a free treat with their meal when it's going to be delivered really late! :)

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