Westchester, Illinois
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Im regular customer and every time I go to this Panera bread for lunch this same young rude girl gives me a problem what every happen to customers right all I ask is that if I pay for a sandwich why I cant get it the way I wont for 13.00 for a sandwich and soup I should be able to get any way I want it but she been the manger she cant give me extra pickle or if I want a extra pickle I have to stand back in line and pay or it I hope she gets what she deserves

because she's rude she rolls her eyes and stands there talking in another language to her co workers as if I'm not there I will not be coming back nor will my co workers her name is jocy or joslin

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

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What a cheapskate loser! Food costs money to buy so it costs money if you want it. Also, if you order as poorly as you write you're lucky you get any food at all.


This is a terrible location. The place is filthy and the people are rude.

Go to LaGrange Park instead. You'll be happier


Wow wee what a compliant! Why don't you order correctly if you want an extra pickle! I wouldn't give you a free pickle either!


She's not rude. You just want something for nothing


Quit whining. A lot of restaurants charge when a customer wants extra things on their sandwich or salad.

That goes for the little packets of dressing, etc. Did you say you wanted extra pickle when you placed your order or were you being difficult and waited until you had to go back in line? How does rolling her eyes make the manager rude?

With a name like Joslyn, which is as American as you can get. More than likely instead of speaking a foreign language, they were using certain terminology for the store.