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While all the sandwiches sound good on the menu, I've tried them all and just about every one is ruined by some weird flavored pesto paste or funky mayonnaise.I know you can customize them to remove the offending ingredient but in most cases the taste is so alien I cant determine the source.

Except the Italian Combo, it WAS the only sandwich that tasted 'normal'. Not anymore! Wow did you completely ruin that. I didn't even know it changed I ordered an Italian combo and got this abomination instead.

Right off I noticed that it was super small even for a Pick 2. Literally the Baguette that came with it was bigger than the sandwich. But that was actually good because there was less to throw away. I took a *** and it was just awful.

Crunchy carrots in a sandwich?! I know that's supposed to be giardiniera but every deli sandwich I've ever had with giardiniera it was pickled so, one the carrots aren't crunchy, and 2 the flavor is good. I dont know what you have done with those ingredients but it is disgusting. The first *** was dreadful I immediately knew something was horribly wrong with this sandwich I took a second *** just to make sure.

Realizing I'm stuck at work and this was all i would have to eat for the next several hours I tried hard to choke down another *** but it was just FOUL. As with all the other sandwiches I cant even identify the gross rotten spoiled taste I'm assuming its the 'carrot mix' but then again even after i scraped off all the 'nasty stuff' it still tasted horrible so its probably the foo-foo wine infused salami. I know the leaves that taste like soap you replaced the lettuce with taste like soap which is gross and enough to make me no longer like the sandwich by itself but there were even more evil tastes afoot in this horrid creation. You ruined the only sandwich that wasn't already ruined.

I generally do the lunch run for my office and Panera WAS one of my main go to spots.

Now that there's not a single sandwich on the menu that hasn't been ruined by trying to 'fancy it up' there's no reason I would ever pick Panera again.So you aren't just loosing my business, You just lost and entire office's weekly lunch order.

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Trying to make their food healthy and natural, they turned it into hospital-tasting food. Yuck! The Italian Combo was their best sandwich, changing it would be like McDonald's getting rid of the Big Mac!


Grossest, Nastiest thing I ever ate. Tasted rotten, Wasted 10+ dollars on it. Threw it away.

Redlands, California, United States #1333218

I agree you totally ruined the Italian sandwich. What *** decided to turn it into an Asian Greek Romanian somolian combo. Nice job you lost my entire family


Idk where you guys went but panera has the best italian sandwich ive ever ate. Everything fresh and complimenting. You guys must have no tastebuds.

San Diego, California, United States #1315966

The new Italian sandwich is dreadful.Not only is it inferior to the original Italian Combo, it's about as filling as 2 sliders.

And they want $10 for it!This is a ripoff that I never expected from Panera Bread.


This happened to me to. The new sandwich is disgusting


I love Panera and have never had a bad product. However, the Italian Combo is one I never ordered, just not my thing.

If you are disappointed I'd suggest you go somewhere else.

to ransom Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1286084

Wow. You must get paid the big bucks for your incredibly sharp ideas.

to Anonymous #1286089

Nope it is common sense that even a young kid should know

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1286156

How is that comment offensive. They have a good point, even a six year old would know not to go to a restaurant they got bad food from.

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