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Let me begin saying that I am a HUGE fan of Panera, amazing food. I order rapid pickup from the Gateway, Devon, PA location, which is close to my work, nearly every day for lunch.

They greet me by name and my co-workers say I should own stock. My issue is with the Panera located on Trooper Road, in Trooper, PA, which is close to my home and where I will pick up dinner often on my way home. I also go there to pick up pastries for breakfast on the weekends from time to time. Regardless of what time I go there, I never find the staff there to be pleasant.

They never smile and seem tense. On Monday, December 11, Having had Gateway Penera for lunch, I stopped at the Trooper location on my way home (6:15 pm) to grab my Rapid Pickup and head home to the family. Three Fuji Apple salads, my family's favorite, two ordered with extra gorgonzola cheese, one with no cheese, order totaled $30. When I got the salads home, none of the salads had apple chips and none of the salads had cheese.

I kid you not. They were all garden salads with chicken. The main ingredients that make the salad a Fuji Apple were missing from all three salads. I called to let the store know....not looking for a refund, but just to let them know.

After all, I LOVE Panera. Maybe some retraining is needed for their staff. "Shawna" picked up, speaking so fast I thought I was listening to the disclaimers on a rental car. I advised her what we received and she offered a "sorry about that" and proposed we come back to pick up the missing toppings or she offered to email me a $30 voucher.

Being 30 minutes away round trip and having worked all day, I took the offer for the voucher, which I found very generous and unexpected; however, her attitude dampened the whole situation. As we ate our "yadda-yadda" salads, the need to call back and speak to the manager grew, so - I called back and Shawna again answered. I asked to speak to the manager, she put me on hold, only to pick up again stating she was Shawna...I repeated that I wanted to speak to the manager, she said she WAS the manager. I said, so you have two Shawna's at that store, she said yes, her associate is also Shawna.

Ok, I guess that's possible. I said their voices sounded remarkably the same. (Identical twins perhaps?) At this point I'm not certain of the true status of the person I'm speaking to. So, I asked if she was the night manager, she said no, the general manager.

I expressed again my disappointment with our order, questioning how can the two MAIN ingredients that make a Fuji Apple salad be left out of the salad? She said it was the first night of the associate who made the salads and she told him of his error - then she asked me "What more do you want me to do?" I didn't know how to respond to that question. I was pleased to learn she spoke to the new employee and sincerely hope there were no repercussions from the error on his part. I was looking for an apology, not to get anyone fired.

But again no apology, she sounded very young and was very flippant, maybe she needs training on how to be polite? So now we have concerns about ordering from his particular Panera in the future.

If Shawna truly IS the manager there, we wonder what our food will be exposed to prior to finding its way into our bag - if you know what I mean. OH, BTW - we never got our $30 voucher.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Quality of food.

I didn't like: Receiving incomplete salad ingredients and rude manager.

  • General Manager Attitude
  • Salad Toppings
  • Never Received Promised Refund
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It is now two months since my experience at the Trooper Panera Cafe. I have still not received the promised $30 credit.


Hint, check your order before you leave the store to be sure everything is in order. Mistakes can be made, they’re only human.

to Anonymous #1428318

Mistakes can be made, very true. Honestly, my intent at calling back was to let them know it happened.

It was met with an extremely rude response. After speaking with Panera's customer complaint department, I was informed that person who snapped at me was NOT a manager.

Just not representative of the Panera I've learned to love. Very sad.

to Anonymous #1602713

Yeah, but that’s not really the point is it? Rudeness isn’t really a mistake and frankly it’s a stupid “mistake” to make in the first place...not putting two main ingredients on a salad. After all apple is even in the name.

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