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This is the tenth time I've eaten at the Panera up the street from me, 8510 East 96th St., in Fishers, IN. It is the eighth time they've made a complete mess of the order.

And the last time. No matter how much I love the food, I will not be going back. The help is just IMPOSSIBLE - I was in food service for over 20 years and never had people this uncaring working with me. It's bad enough to deal with the typical Panera complaint; never, never can you count on getting the bread you want.

Croissants, sourdough, baguette, you can count on it - if it's after two in the afternoon, they're out of what is needed to build the sandwich you want. Which they inform you of with an uncaring shrug that makes you want to turn around and walk out. You ever heard of making more? From this launching pad of aggravation, the Fishers store screws up everything they touch.

Used to be I'd take the dinner home, but even though they deliver, when I would call to say it was a mess, the manager offered to do nothing. I don't want a coupon for the next time I come. I don't want it FREE. I want it RIGHT.

So now I unpack in the store, to find the wrong size soup, the half sandwich when I ordered a whole, the wrong bread, missing items, etc.

Tonight's expensive steak sandwich is on gummy white bread - the dog is getting the steak, the garbage can the rest. I've had it with Panera!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Food, When i can get it.

I didn't like: Service and availability.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Dec 17, 2017.
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I just stumbled on my own post, after all this time, and I can't resist replying to the snotty comment about the bread. Look, you clearly didn't read it - I WAS IN THIS BUSINESS.

FOR YEARS. AND MY END OF IT WAS FOOD PREP. I know very well how bread is made, transported, allocated, etc. Actually, you're quite wrong.

There are several ways to do it. Sometimes it arrives frozen to be baked on site, which is pretty common now, but I've also done baking from scratch, bread and pies and homemade donuts, for a cafeteria. It's not as difficult as it sounds, so long as you start before dawn. And if we'd constantly had dozens more requests for pies than we had the pies to fill them, you can bet I would have done something about it.

The point here is that, whatever system they use, it needs to be rethought and revamped. Any system sucks that loses sales and tees off customers. "Bread" is part of their name. It's what they built their reputation on.

But an uncaring, slovenly management isn't going to do anything to effect minor reforms on a broken system. I read some of the other letters about Panera, and it's all the same stuff that has driven me away.

All of it related, not to the food, but the service. Pitiful.


Oh yeah, sure, just go make more. News flash, they don’t make bread on site.

The dough that comes in is proofed and baked over nite by the bakers. They can’t use what’s delivered, because they need it for the next day.

If they run out, sorry, Pick something else. It’s not intentional but it does happen.

to Anonymous #1430772

I just love it when you people think you know how something works when you really have no effin clue!! Go back under your bridge and leave the normal people alone!!


Panera Bread sucks. It's nothing but overpriced fast food, and they are {{Redacted}}

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