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I was astonished to see hot boiling soup brought in plastic bag from the "kitchen" to behind the counter where food is served.The employee was holding the plastic bag with both hands from the upper sides of the bag and another employee brought a pot and the plastic bag was inserted inside the pot; the soup then was served to the customer.

I asked the employees the reason the plastic bag was kept inside the pot and the answer was to keep the soup warm!I went to another panera to find out that soup pots are lined with plastic bags as well !

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They're called soup bags, they're safe for serving soup out of.If you are eating in the evenings, they line the pans with these bags, so when they close, the soup isn't tossed out.

They're able to save soup, place in ice baths, and stored in walk-ins.

The soup is able to be reused the next day.Keeps costs down there sunshine.

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