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I was just at your New Hyde Park location for breakfast today (Sunday, June 24th) and I was extremely disappointed on several counts:

1) The caffeine-free Diet Pepsi fountain was broken. I alerted an associate and waited 15 minutes. Nobody fixed it. Then I went to the manager and alerted her. Told her I had to leave. I spent almost $2 on a soda I was unable to drink! Please refund that to me.

2) There was no nutritional information sheet available on the wall. I had to ask the manager to check the binder and she was kind enough to do that. But you SHOULD have it ready on the wall for anyone - including calories, carbs, fat content, etc.

3) The floor had food crumbs in some places so it was NOT clean 100% - with so few customers early in the morning, someone should be prepping. I did see some workers chatting so manpower would not be an issue.

4) The power sandwich cost $4 and it was not a good value for the money, in my opinion. It was indeed delicious, but not filling.

I did not have my card with me. The associate would not accept my phone number, as it was not found in the system. She did not tell me I could bring the receipt home and enter it online under "missedvisit" - I had to notice it on the receipt myself and told her. She was very surprised so this is lack of training.

Then, when I got home, I went to only to see that the website is under construction and was not working. Overally, a very negative experience and I am doubtful I will be returning. I will also be sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and my own blog. Please respond accordingly. Thank you.

I would like a refund of my soda cost $2.00 and a coupon enticing me to return to Panera. I am a long-time customer and tell a lot of people about my culinary experiences online.

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If a machine tab on a soda fountain is broken they can't magically fix it - and they offer an entire booklet on nutritional info right by the door in plain view. They can't put in on the menu because it'd be too much info. Pick up the lil booklet and read it if its such a big deal you lazy wuss.


Somebody was having a bad day. No need to take it out on the servers.

Seems to me this customer is a "whiner",and needs to grow up,!

Thank goodness people like him are in the minority.

A Panera Lover!!


You sound absolutely ***. Get over yourself.

There were a few crumbs on the floor? Really??? Please DO NOT go back to Panera.

They don't want to deal with people like you. You are what is wrong with society.


first of all, stop crying about your $2, should've picked something else and move on

second of all, it's not Panera's problem that you didn't get full from your sandwich, how much do you really need to eat for breakfast anyway? I've had the power sandwich myself plenty of times and it's just enough for the first meal of the day

third of all, can you actually imagine if they posted full nutritional info for everything they sell?? there are so many items on their menu, the restaurant wouldn't have a wall left! the calorie counts are listed next to each item on the menu that's displayed if you actually bothered to look

one final note, no restaurant's floor is 100% clean. just because it didn't seem busy when you visited doesn't mean they didn't just get through a crazy morning rush. you know they open at 6am when you're probably still in bed right?!



Caffine free drinks should not be your main concern. Panera has thousand stores accross america, Just think of the Public Good Panera could do IF they made their breads out of Sprouted grain , instead of wheat gluten.

Sprouted Grain Bread is a complete protien, instead of a carbohydrate.

If only one person aday ordered sprouted grain bread, thats one more healthy person. You don't give us a chance to choose anything except fat causing bread.

@Clifford Moyle

You should just eat at your house. Nobody cares what your bread preference is, especially not Panera.


This is by far the most whiny, self-centered, troublesome review I've read on here yet. It is obvious from what you've written that you went in there looking for anything you could mark down to try to make this place look bad all because you didn't get your freaking caffeine-free-diet-pepsi.

It sounds like you flipped a lid and refused any other drink. I know how those machines operate: you choose how much ice, then choose your drink. With usually around a half dozen options, one could have easily chosen a juice drink or a lemonade or iced tea if caffeine-free-diet-pepsi isn't available.

Since you have kindly professed that you wish to publicize this review everywhere on the web where it will be read by millions if your plan succeeds, I'll help you out.

I'm going to paste your review into a blog post on my blog, ostensibly so that others will read it. I hope that you get your 2 dollars. And I think it's a shame you probably ended up drinking caffeinated cola because it's also obvious that someone had too much caffeine that day and went a little hog wild while on that soda rush.

Calm down skippy and move on. I'll buy you a caffeine-free-diet-pepsi if I see you somewhere.


Your sense of entitlement is insane!! Sounds like the worst thing that happened to you was you didn't get diet caffeine free Pepsi.

If you want to get "full" from $4.00 worth of food, Panera shouldn't be your first choice. People like you are what is wrong with society! I want to thank you though. It's people like you that keep me reading reviews on this site.

I get a real kick out of your misfortune. :p


Another little baby that wants FREE FOOD COUPONS!!!!! BTW how many people care about your culinary complaints little whiner ? :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Quit whining you BIG baby!! Get over yourself. It's $2. Is that really going to break your bank?

Also most fast food places DO NOT have a nutritional menu on their walls. Deal with it.

Is asking you to act like an adult too much too ask?