Maple Shade Township, New Jersey
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Horrible music! Inconsiderate abrasive music, at times played at high volume.

I feel like I am at some kind of wild disco club rather than at a restaurant. Day after day we go to Panera's to enjoy their excellent food, their pleasant, accommodating staff only to be disappointed by music of a kind which should never have any place in a restaurant. It is sad that a good meal has to be spoiled by screeching sounds which pass themselves off as music. If Panera's cannot play easy listening, dining-type music then turn the music off altogether.

Most of the patrons are middle-age to mature, while the rest are mostly young mothers with children, none of whom appreciate such discordance. Please, please provide appropriate dining music so that we can enjoy our meals.

Thank you.

I may be reached at 215-342-3253. The Panera store in question is located at 1500 Nixon Drive; Moorestown, NJ 08057

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I disagree wholeheartedly. I've found the music in Panera recently to be exceptional. Maybe Panera should stop catering to Philistines.