Charlotte, North Carolina
Not resolved

It’s a lot so I don’t care to type it all. Sara took my order this morning.

While taking my credit card, she was supposed to ask if I had an reward. She didn’t. I started telling her my reward number. She gave me a look of death, out her finger up abs said wait.

She walked off. Different employee approach her. They talked. The other looked at me while Sara back was turned.

She then took my oatmeal from Sara and gave it to me. No receipt and walked off. I parked my car. Walked in asked for manager.

While waiting front end lady asked me ehT happened. I explained to her. She then yelled asking “the white girl”?? I said her name is Sara.

At least that’s what her name tag said. Just them manager came. She looked as if she didn’t want to be there. Talked rudely and didn’t apologize.

Arms folded the whole time. I asked for my receipt and corporate number. She said that I had a certain amount of time to get my receipt and corporate number is on the website.

I’m shocked that she’s a manager at all. I’m never going to that location again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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