Elizabethtown, North Carolina
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I'm very, very disappointed with my experience at Panera Bread in Downtown Charlotte NC. I ordered a very large catering order, called to confirm everything was complete and what time it would be delivered, prior to the day of delivery. I was hosting a meeting and in the past have been impressed with the service and quality. Not this time!! The day of my meeting I received a call 2.5 hours prior to delivery and 5 minutes before the start of my meeting. At that time I was told "we can't deliver to you today. We are too busy". That was the exact words used. I thought it was a joke at first but soon realized it wasn't awoke at all. Instead it was a nightmare and I only had 5 minutes to solve it. I explained that this was not acceptable as I had no way to get another order from somewhere else with this type of short notice. I asked if another Panera could deliver and they simply said "no". There was an excuse on why they couldn't do it (too busy and backed up) but no solution. I offered to have someone pick it up and they said no... Really?! I still can't believe how I was treated and the compete nonchalant attitude of both the first caller and the AGM I spoke with after asking for a manager. I understand "things happen" but to call a customer and say "we can't deliver" on something already confirmed and paid for is unacceptable. To not offer a solution is outrageously BAD business. I order catering of $300++ quite often for meetings I hold and I almost always use Panera. This experience has turned me off from Panera Bread completely, which actually makes me sad. I did think I might get an apology call today so I waited to post this message. Unfortunately I didn't get a call nor any type of notification that my credit card had been credited. As a matter of fact, it still has not been credited. Apologies to anyone reading this long message but bottom line, I would recommend you NOT do business here, EVER!

To add to this story, I called the Customer Service desk and still at no time received any type of apology. I am completely shocked, appalled and embarrassed that such a large corporation would have such a bad problem resolution policy. They obviously don't care about losing one customer but I can promise that will lead to many more lost customers. One bad experience and you tell 1,000's with today's social media.



Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Panera Bread Cons: Non caring attitude, No resolution given for issue.

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  • Unbelivably Bad
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