Valrico, Florida
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The floors are dirty at Panera in Inverness this morning. My shoes are sticking to the floor.

Use a clean mop, that might work. I just read all the comments about Panera locations. Sure not very complimentary. I am going to agree with most of them.

Panera is not for me. Your are too expensive and not friendly at all. Get a custodian that knows enough to use a clean mop and water to do the floors. You keep asking for more words to complain about.

Panera is certainly a weird as *** company. I cant think of much else to say.

You are too expensive. I guess I should stick to McDonalds, and Wendys, and SubWay for breakfast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Dirtey, sticky floor..

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Heck, the stringy mop is a WHOLE lot better than the crap mop they used to have which didn’t clean or absorb water at all. The janitors are the associates, Panera doesn’t hire out other parties to clean.

Don’t need to when you have all you need in house. Moving right along to a complaint that is more entertaining to read.


Ah-ha ! Another string mop makes its unholy appearance.

The most common, yet worst, cleaning tool ever invented.

Impossible to keep clean itself, it merely spreads dirt and grit around and probably adds some leftover from last time. The worst ; by far.