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Dear Customer Service,

I ordered 2 dozen plain bagels by phone on Friday and said I would pick them up on Saturday morning. I discussed that I could not eat seeds or nuts and only ordering plain sliced bagels. I arrived on Saturday morning and much to my surprise, the 2 dozen were all sesame seeds!! Luckily, I peeked in my bag! The cashier called the manager who was not at all pleasant. She said the only plain bagels she had were the 7 in the bin, so I took them. She was not concerned that I wanted them for the holidays. A good manager would be quite apologetic. She could have called another Panera’s to see if they had any plain bagels, but she made no attempt to assist me. I also had a free sandwich so I ordered one to go. The cashier told me it was ready and on the counter. I went to what I thought was the counter and started to take take a bag. The manager came and screamed at me that I was not allowed to touch other people’s food! I explained I was told that my order was ready and it was on the counter. She said “down there” and pointed to another counter. My sandwich was ready for me. This is very bad customer service. I will not go back to this Panera’s again! There is another one just a couple of miles further down University Blvd. at Tuttle and I will go there.

I went to the Panera’s at University ad Cattleman in the Target Shopping Center near the University Town Center Mall at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018.


Rochelle Ramey

5002 Vivienda Way

Sarasota, FL 34235

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Bagel.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I'm sure they don't care if someone stupid enough, to post their name and home address on a public message board that has nothing to do with Panera, comes back or not. You do realize this is not Panera right. Flag your post down immediately idiot...