Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Today I had the worst customer service at the Panera Bread in Albuquerque off Holly Ave. The encounter at the register was less than pleasant, but it only got worse from there.

This I could have handled. My order was "to go"... I waited almost 20 minutes because it was forgotten. Once they realized I was still standing by the counter, it was so hurriedly made that my smoothie wasn't blended long enough (there are still big chunks of ice and large pieces of spinach within it).

I shouldn't have to chew my smoothie. Once that was handed to me, I very politely asked about the sandwich I had ordered also. One server turned to the other asking while the other snapped at her that she was working on it... Ok, so everyone is having an off day, it happens.

But once my very sloppily made sandwich was finished, it was tossed in the bag and literally thrown across the counter at me! No "thanks, sorry about the wait", nothing. She simply throw it and walked away. This is where I draw the line.

I was polite throughout this transaction. Never did I raise me voice or rudely demand my food or for it to be remade for that matter. I did not request a refund or discount. I was patient up until my order was thrown at me.

I then stopped Valerie, who is always so pleasant there. I simply told her that the customer service today "was lacking". I shared what had just happened and asked that she speak with these employees. She was incredibly responsive and very kind-hearted.

But I was truly so upset that I left Panera in tears! IN TEARS! Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I have never felt so disrespected in that type of setting before! We all run into bad customer service, but to have your ordered tossed at you is beyond someone just having a bad day.

I will chew my ice/spinach smoothie and grumble a bit. But to leave in tears because of the totality of that encounter is just awful!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Smoothie.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Panera Bread Cons: Slow service, Rude employees.

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It's a damned sandwich and a drink. Get over it.


Honey dont take it personally. Obvisiously they were hurrying because they had forgot. Happy mom /happy baby!!!!!

Remember life isnt perfect!!!!!!If these gals are too rough for you try to find a sweeter place.


Why r all u giving this woman a hard time? This is a place to complain on.

I would have said something after waiting 10 minutes for my order. She was waiting patiently there was no reason for her to be treated like that.


You do realize that food needs to be cooked right? You cannot just wave a wand and magically have it appear in front of you.


Wow. You were in tears over this? Get over yourself.