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We have been going here for years and noticed the last few times that cleanliness was no longer a priority. Had dinner there tonight and the dining room was a mess.

We would have left but had already paid for our dinners. It used to be that the young staff were constantly sweeping floors and wiping the tables, but no more. It took us 3 attempts to find the cleanest table and then we had to ask someone to come and wipe it off. The girl came over and cleaned it, but ignored the other and they were not even that busy.

In addition, when we got our french onion soup to the table, the croutons and cheese were missing. I went up and told the staff and they told me to bring it back up and they would add it, which they did, but no apologies.

Almost acted like I was bother them! Fortunately, the food was as good as usual but someone has to do something about how messy the place is.

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That's what take out is for!


Ah, the delicious tears of the entitled. Bet you've never worked a day in the service industry.


PUH! That isn't dirty, I've seen worse.

Hmmm, did it maybe occur to you that the nite shift dining room person called out? Not everybody is cross trained on everything. You asked to have a table cleaned, that's what you got.

Stop being soo nitpicky, people are slobs. If it bothered you so much, jump in and help them, otherwise just mind your business.

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