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Went to the drive thru of Panera because I take my daughter and her friend straight from school to dance on Monday’s. Anyway, each girl ordered a half sandwich half Mac and cheese(which was so damn it was literally 5 bites) and the sandwiches were also tiny.

They each ordered a Cookie and a water and the total was $32.67. I almost pooped my pants and asked the lady why in the world this was so expensive and the poor girl read the items back to me. $5.99 for a small cup of Mac and cheese?!! I ended up taking the bottled waters off which “saved” me $4 but then because I didn’t buy drinks the cookies went from 99 cents to $2.29 each.

Total was still $27 for two children. I don’t pay this much at any other place and personally the other places have much better food. So I saw some comment that they had to raise prices to maintain the quality of the food and pay for buildings etc. Someone at the top has way too high of a salary or something.

Panera is not even very good but I stopped there anyway. I wasn’t eating. This week at Olive Garden, which has ambience and is a full service restaurant has all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks for $5.99. So instead of the very small 5 bites bowl of Mac they could have had all you can eat!???

This is so dumb and I’m never going back to that place.

Panera just plain sucks. I don’t know how they keep customers.

Reason of review: Too expensive for tiny amount of food.

Monetary Loss: $27.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We’ve noticed the same thing. Even little girls don’t get enough food and it is way overpriced.

I have wondered how they stay in business, with prices so high compared to the portion sizes. The soups are the best items on the menu to me, but even ordering a large soup for $10, you only get about 8 oz (one cup) in an oversized bowl. So then you have to order another item to make it a meal, and another entree will be another $10. Plus a drink, and you are at $25, for one person.

They have the audacity to place a tip cup next to the register, even though they provide no dining room service.

For a $25 lunch, there are sooo many better options, with more substance and higher quality consistency. I don’t get Panera.

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