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Last week I stopped at a nearby Panera and got their very tasty, decent-sized danish-looking danish. This week I went to my usual Panera (not the same location) at around 2:30 in the afternoon. While usually the pastry case is pretty depleted by then, what I saw instead was a bunch of cupcake looking danish with about 1/3 to 1/2 the normal about of pastry, as well as some really small scones--same price as last week (nearly $3). Their cinnamon rolls have been replaced with rolls cut out of a pan--looked appealing, so I got one of those, but think volume has decreased from their old size as well.

Reading comments here, it sounds like Panera's new ownership is making cutbacks without realizing how it will alienate customers, thinking its "cache" is enough to keep people coming even if the portions are shrinking.

While I have always like the ambiance of the stores I've gone to, that's not the main reason I went. The food was good and I could get a sweet sweet, or a light lunch, that was enough to fill me up, along with a good cup of coffee.

When I mentioned to management that the puny pastries were enough for me to go to another store, she seemed really annoyed (probably fielding complaints all day on this) and said all the stores have been given this new food directive--recast the pastries a lot smaller, basically. I told her it wasn't another Panera I'd be looking for....

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Pastry.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We stopped going when they reduced the scones and selection. I used to come in and buy enough scones to serve at the office meeting weekly. When the size was cut in half but the price remained the same I headed to the donut shop and cupcake shop.


The new brownies are so bad I thought they accidentally gave me a gluten-free one at first. Smelled like wet dog... Threw it out.


worse, cinnamon rolls, no cobblestones, which were a main reason I used to go!


They lost me as a customer too. No pecan roll no customer. See ya


We are looking for a bakery. Won't be going back to Panera.


The new brownies taste horrendous. I actually spit it out because it smelled like a dog.

Absolutely disgusting. I had to brush my teeth twice and use copious amounts of mouthwash to rinse the putrid taste of the brownie out of my mouth. It even smells repugnant.

Don’t eat...Don’t buy...Too gross to describe. Panera has lost it mind!


I agree. It is really bad and it’s almost impossible to make a bad brownie...but, Panera was able to somehow pull it off. It is sad.


I was hooked on orange scones. Then one day I stopped at a different Panera and the scone was different.

And not in a good way. I tried several different stores and found them all the same. Now they are smaller too. Thought I’d switch to an old favorite— cinnamon crunch bagel.

I was dismayed to find they are also different. And they aren’t good either!

I’m so disappointed. I won’t go back!


I always loved the cinnamon rolls, my dad took me out to go get breakfast on Sundays and we always got the cinnamon rolls. Now they are gloppy and much lower quality. Bring back the old rolls, Panera!!!


I used to get lunch at Panera just to get a cheese danish! These smaller ones are not good..... which means I don’t have a reason to do to Panera anymore.


Panera changes recipes and menu items all the time. I work there.

They call them "celebrations" im not sure about the cinnamon rolls (never tried the old ones, haven't tried to new ones) but the scones changed because they used to be prepackaged. Now theyre actually made in store. But as far as the portion sizes and price of the food..

I dont eat there unless i get my discount. I dont make enough money from working there to afford the food without a discount.


What happen to the cobblestones? Can't seem to find them anywhere.


Cobblestone muffins are usually a seasonal item. They come back around fall/winter but they may or may not be permanently discontinued. Id say just wait til you see the squash soup and turkey chili and if they dont have it then, then they might be gone forever


Went to my local Panera this morning and they did not have and. Were not making pecan rolls any more Walked out and will not be back.


I stopped at Panera last week, ugh the original cinnamon roll changed it's terrible and you are correct SMALLER! The also changed the original scone, again SMALLER and not really what is considered a "scone"? I was so disappointed when the replaced the original recipe for the french onion soup = yuck it's terrible unless you like broth with HUGE chunks of onion?


We have been getting the Panera Bread orange scones for years and, they were good. Then, all of a sudden, they changed to a smaller round shape instead of the large triangle and they don't taste good anymore!


Agree. Felt the same way this past Saturday when I went to get a scone and saw this tiny little muffin-like thing sitting there. I just walked out.


Boy do I ever agree! The previous cinnamon product was almost unique among competitors.

We often placed orders for soup or sandwich which we would otherwise not have done...simply to order a 3 day supply of the cinnamon buns. I spent over 35 years managing hotels and restaurants, and am positive they have a considerably better food cost on the new item. It is a very dissimilar product, deficient in taste and a considerably smaller portion. Additionally, the taste of some soups has changed...subjective, I know, but based on many, many previous orders and at least 6 recent orders that were not as good.

I have complained by e- mail and in person, with no response. Too bad...


I agree, smaller sizes, same prices, but more importantly, I've always been a fan of the scones. The new ones are actually so bad I threw them away.

I took one bite and felt like I was in the dessert grasping for water. Lost another customer.


Equally disappointed with the scones. What the heck Panera.

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