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Why would you possibly think that removing the best salad on your menu would be a good idea? It was both healthy and great tasting! There are several other salads that are on the menu that could easily have been axed instead...

Now you "replace" it with some *** that has oranges and cashews? Really??? There are already plenty of salads with fruits and nuts on the menu. So you add yet another? Do you not have metrics as to what people are buying? I would be shocked if the Asian Sesame salad is not high on the salad list.

Well whatever. I am on the road a lot, and since finding this salad months ago, have eaten at Panera 2-3 times a week most weeks. Well, no longer - I will not return until my salad does.

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Yea they just brought it back. I am so happy.


So disappointed, if there are clean copycat versions online then why cant they develop one themselves? If it's because it costs too much then they are right, it cost them a customer!

The replacements just don't cut it. I tried them all, and then opted for a sandwich, then opted to go somewhere else!


I ordered the Citrus cashew chicken salad for lunch today. With everything that's in it you'd think it'd be loaded with flavor -- it's tasteless, very disappointing!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1241899

TOTALLY AGREE! It was the only reason I went to Panera Bread.

I would have cravings for the sesame Asian chicken salad. Will not go back unless it is back on menu

Dickson, Tennessee, United States #1198492

It has been temporarily removed, not permanently removed. It will be back on the menu (not sure when-probably at the end of the year).

It was removed by corporate, not just some random employee "who needs to be removed from payroll" as someone suggested. It was removed to make the ingredients "clean" as in no aritificial flavorings, sweeteners, or colorings. Calm down. Customers get so outraged with the employees there like it's THEIR faults.

They just work there and do as they're told. They don't make the decisions to cut certain things off the menu.

Wilsonville, Oregon, United States #1184278

Totally 1000% agree! The new Chinese Chicken salad is absolutely awful.

I've been going to Panera for about eight years specifically for the Sesame Asian Chicken Salad and the Asiago demi baguette (which they've also done away with).

There is reason why they bottled this salad's dressing and sold it in grocery stores - their customers LOVE it.

to Anonymous Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States #1204808

Totally agree also. New salad that replaced the Asian Seseme-Yuk!!!

Please hire someone new in your department that makes these decisions on a corporate level and bring back one of the best salads on your menu. It was worth the money to buy the Asian Seseme dressing at Publix. It was so tasty, I would drizzle it on plain chopped up romaine at home. Now Publix has removed it from their shelves.

Way to go Panera - another really dumb move. I'll visit again if my favorites are ever on your menu again.


I 100% agree! This was my favorite salad and was low calorie, flavorful and super healthy.

Fitting all the criteria Panera was supposed to support. The new salads seem ok, but the Sesame Asian Chicken salad was clean and simple.

Bad move Panera. I'll be finding a new salad joint unfortunately.


I totally agree. This has been my Friday dinner for the past two years and I can't believe you have removed one of the best salads I have ever had and enjoy most.

If it wasn't for the Asian Chicken Salad I would still be a non-profit salad eater.

Your "replacement is dismal". Please bring it back!


I totally agree, my husband and I went in for the Asian sesame salad, and were absolutely blown away when we were informed that it had been taken off the menu. I have had many conversations with Coworkers, friends, and family about how great that salad is.

Whoever came up with this crazy idea to remove the best salad on the menu, should be removed from panera's payroll. I will not be back until the salad returns.


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