Saint Louis, Missouri

As soon as i step through the door i didn't feel a warm welcome..more like kids playing at school.. believed i seen a older lady on her Bluetooth..and no one had gloves are hair nets on..i was standing by the end of a counter and i didn't catch the employee name but she was obviously was disgustedand gross out by something she was pointing to on the floor i want to say it might of been roches becausesomeone came out spraying something..then i get a sandwich that look,like slop and wasn't nothing stocked in the dining room. I will never go back there ..ever!

!.St.Louis bread co 6th n pine location ok n

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

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Employees in restaurants haven't worn hair nets for many years. As far as them wearing gloves, it would depend on what they do on the job.

Whatever was on the floor could have been something as minor as ants. You were really jumping to conclusions. Did you expect somebody to be at the door to greet you and give you a big welcome hug? Myself I would rather go in a business where it looks like the employees are having a little fun, but then on the other hand, I don't care what they employees are doing, as long as I get what I came in for.

Your post indicates that you aren't as perfect as you want other people to be.

Your spelling, capitalization, and spacing between sentences leaves an awful lot to be desired. Maybe you should go back to school or if you are in school pay more attention.


yore spellin aint no goot either...