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Ordered two breakfast sandwiches with bacon to go. Received one with sausage and one with ham.

I live nearby and used to go on a frequent basis but it seems that the employees need more training; especially in listening to what the customer wants. There seems to be too much banter and distraction in the back and not enough concentration on taking care of the task at hand. Panera has good food; just watch the employees carefully to make sure you get the correct items ordered.

I can overlook a once in a great while error but when this becomes the norm it is a problem. And don't get me started on finding a clean table to sit.........

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Customer Care.

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Lets just give the employees the benefit of the doubt here. The orders you picked up may not have been yours to take.

The employees on the line just need to read their screens when the order pops up. Maybe the cashier didn't plug it in correctly, did you check your receipt?

If it was the employees error, NO BIG DEAL, they would have made new sandwiches, NO PROBLEM!!!! Hey, they're humans, errors are going to happen from time to time....get over yourself!!!