4720 Town Crossing Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246, USA
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Ordered a bowl, half sandwich, and two soups. Or order came and hour late.

When it did get here the guy asked for a tip. Wow! Second of all who allowed the "chef" to create the Mediterranean bowl with falafel!? Because it's HORRIBLE!

In every way! You don't put picked cucumbers. Let alone it was half of the bowl. The falafel was muffin mix cold and soggy (which is due for sitting for over an hour), the flavors are poorly created and executed.

Panera had lost their standards on their foods. Even the sandwich was exactly like a gas station sandwich. They don't even provide better ingredients. Breads are boring and the same throughout the board.

Yes, they use the same dough for all of the breads. I will not return. Sorry Panera...

Your the weakest link! Dead

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Meal Bowl.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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First of all, ask the chefs of Panera corporate what the *** theyre thinking putting these builds together in St. Louis, MO.

Second, the same dough is NOT used for all the breads. Get your facts right. As far the tip is concerned, it is not mandatory to give one.

I’m reading a lot of these posts about tips. Clearly, the drivers have not taken the course on line about this.


I'm curious to know why so many people eat this *** food, and why you know so much. Fact of the day, if your eating food from places like this, and think they don't use the same frozen dough that you've actually haven't seen being made.

Your just anther "jack in the box." So in tuned with what others have to say just so you can bite back. Ha, ignorance... People need actual opinions.... And yours isn't one of them!

Find a new hobby! Clearly this one isn't a good one.


It probably wasn't the driver's fault, he does not control how long it takes kitchen staff to make the food. But good job punishing him.


Unfortunately for the driver, on their app they inform you of when your order is leaving the faculty to be delivered. Literally 3ish miles down the road from me, still took an hour.